Creating a SideDrawer

How to create your own SideDrawer

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To Create a new SideDrawer complete the following Steps:

  1. Navigate to Console (bottom left hand side).

2. From the left-hand menu, select Accounts.

3. Click on Clients and Users.

4. Select Create a new SideDrawer.

5. Using the drop down menu, select the SideDrawer Type (Business or Individual).

If you are just getting started, select Individual.

(Click here for more info on SideDrawer Types).

6. Enter the SideDrawer Name (i.e., the Last Name and First Name).

7. Enter the Owner’s email address at the same time the SideDrawer is created, or click on the User Icon in the middle and the system will auto-populate your own email address.

Anyone can be made a SideDrawer owner at this time.

See article "Ownership considerations when creating SideDrawers" here.

8. Enter the Owner's first and last name (you can add as many additional SideDrawers as you want by clicking on the Icon next to the "Owner's Last Name").

9. Select Create SideDrawers.

10.At the end, select Finish & Close.

NOTE: If you only have one subscription on your account, it will default to that subscription. If you have multiple subscriptions, you will be asked to select the subscription the SideDrawer should be assigned to.

Another way to Create a New SideDrawer in Console is to select


Then “SideDrawersinstead.

Click on "Create a new SideDrawer (top right hand side).

Repeat Steps 5-10 as above.

Once you Navigate back to the “Front End App” (where you can see all of your SideDrawers) Refresh (Click on the round arrow button at the top left hand side next to the URL) the page and expand the menu (on the far-right side) by clicking the three lines.

You will now be able to see your new SideDrawer.

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