Creating a Content Package

Content packages are files or information that you send to your clients.

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By creating Content Packages, this is a tool that can be saved and reused multiple times to send out documents to your clients quicky and consistently.

i.e., Onboarding - to send an Estate Checklist each time I onboard a client.

Content packages can be built to allow you to send the document to a client to the same Tile/Record in a few steps.

To Create a Content Package, complete the following Steps:

1. Navigate to Console (bottom left hand side).

2. From the left-hand menu, select Productivity.

3. Click on Content Packages.

4. Select Create a New Content Package.

5. Enter a Content Package Name (an internal name not given to clients).

6. Enter the Content Package Brand to decide who will have access to it; it is easier if there is only one Brand.

7. Select the SideDrawer Type to decide which Tiles are available to deliver the content.

For more on SideDrawer Types, Click here.

8. Select Save & Close or Save & Populate.

9. Now you can start Populating your content package. To deliver content you must:

(i) Select the Tile it will be created in.

(ii) Enter the Record Type and Record Name.

(iii) To Add Files you would like to have delivered, select the Add Files Icon to the far right. You can create Records with no Files or multiple Files.

You can add as many files as you need and you can create as many additional records as well.

10. Select Save Changes to complete the Content Package you created.

You can return and edit the content package at a later time.

11. By selecting the Actions Icon, the three dots to the far right side, (...)

you can Edit Package Name & Contents at a later time.

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