Creating a Content Package

Content packages are files or information that you send to your clients.

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Content Packages give you the ability to build a workflow process in which you can send standardized documents / materials to your clients in a quick consistent manner.

Ex. I want to send an Estate Checklist every time I onboard a client:

You can build a content package which allows you to send this document to a client to the same Tile / Record with a few simple clicks

Creating a Content Package:

  1. In Console, Navigate to Productivity -> Content Packages

  2. Select Create a New Content Package and Create one from scratch

  3. Enter a Content Package Name (internal name not given to clients), applicable Brand and SideDrawer Type

    a. Brand determines who will have access to this Content Package – if you only have one Brand this will make the process easier

    b. SideDrawer Type determines which Tiles will be available to deliver the content. Please review this video if you need a reminder on SideDrawer Types

  1. Here you can start populating your content package. To deliver content you need to:

    a. Choose the Tile it will be created in

    b. Add the Record Name and Record Type

    c. Add any Files you would like to have delivered. You can create Records with no Files or many Files.

  2. Select Save Changes to complete the construction of a Content Package. You can always return and edit the content package later.

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