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Creating and Managing SideDrawer Metadata
Creating and Managing SideDrawer Metadata

Learn how to create, edit and add new Metadata Values to a SideDrawer in your Tenant

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Adding Metadata to a SideDrawer can help further improve workflow processes leveraged within the SideDrawer platform. This is particularly important with SideDrawers Batch Delivery Process. Below is how you can add Metadata to a SideDrawer.

Adding Metadata during the Creation Process

It is easiest to add Metadata to a SideDrawer during the creation process

Step 1: Create a SideDrawer by uploading the CSV Template

  • Drag and Drop your SideDrawer Creation Template into the File upload section with corresponding Metadata.

  • If you are completing this for the first time, download the CSV template to get started (button to download is on the bottom left side)

Step 1.1: Preparing the CSV template to Create SideDrawers with Metadata

The CSV Template mirrors the creation screen in the SideDrawer Web App with the added ability to create Metadata Keys and Values

  • Row A: is the name of the SideDrawer

  • Row B: is the email of the owner of the SideDrawer

  • Row C / D: are the first and last name of who the SideDrawer is for

  • Row E (and additional columns if needed): is where you specify the Metadata Key and Values

    • The Metadata Key is the Column Header (ex. accID)

    • The Metadata Value is the Row value assigned to the SideDrawer (ex. 123456 assigned to SideDrawer “User 1”)

    • You can create multiple Metadata Keys and Values by adding as my columns to the CSV as needed

Step 2: Review the Metadata Value before Creating

  • Once the CSV is uploaded all of your SideDrawers will be ready for creation

  • Hovering over the “?” icon lets you see the Metadata that will be assigned to the SideDrawer

Create the SideDrawers and you are Complete!

Adding and Editing Metadata after creation

You can additionally add or modify Metadata after the SideDrawer is created

Step 1: Access the SideDrawer via Console

Within your Console under Accounts / SideDrawers, you can find all the SideDrawers in your Tenant

Select the action button to the right of the SideDrawer you are looking to modify and select “Manage Metadata”

Step 2: Update Metadata

Within this screen you can update the Metadata assigned to the SideDrawer

Note: for any large Metadata updates, please contact [email protected] for help

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