Introduction to Records
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Creating Records allows you to start uploading documents or materials. Records hold the most detail of what is being stored (ex. In the Identity Document Tile, Users may create a Record called Driver’s License to store the image and expiry date of their Driver’s License).

Records also hold additional information including:

  • Reference to physical location of items

  • Descriptions of content

  • Links to other Records for quick reference

  • And more

For full details on the functions of Records, refer to the following:



Search for a record using the search function to quickly find the content you are looking for.

How to create a Record and all the features of a Record.

Asking for content or information from a User

or sending a reminder to a user to complete an action in the future.

how you get your important documents organized into SideDrawer records.

Manage your security permissions for your SideDrawer and individual records, all in one place.

Invite someone to collaborate on a record using the mobile app.

Upload multiple documents to a SideDrawer.

Download all of your client's records with one click.

Create standardized records & documents.

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