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Adding collaborators to your records
Adding collaborators to your records
Manage your security permissions for your SideDrawer and individual records, all in one place!
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First, after you log in to your SideDrawer account, click on "Collaborators" on the top left part of your screen.

There are two ways to collaborate on SideDrawer;

  1. on a SideDrawer level (as shown on the top of the picture below)

  2. on the record level (as shown at the bottom of the picture below)

The difference between the two different collaborations is that anyone you're collaborating with on a SideDrawer level can see everything in your SideDrawer including ALL your records while a record collaborator can only see records that you gave permission to.

To manage SideDrawer Collaborators

Step 1.

To manage the settings for collaborators on a SideDrawer level, click the current permission icon. In the example below, click the "Editor" icon to open a permissions popup box.

Step 2.

To change the permission, simply choose which permission setting you wish and an email notification will be sent to the collaborator notifying them of the change.

To Change Relationship Settings

Step 1.

First, choose the collaborator you want to make changes to and click their name.

Step 2.

Now you can see all the settings for this user. In this example below, we can see:

  • Chandra is set as a professional relationship

  • Chandra is a Financial Advisor

Step 3.

To change both relationship settings, click to open and choose from the popup menu as shown below.

To Manage Record Permissions

With the collaboration feature, you can make changes to all records within a tile or you can make changes to individual records within a tile.

To make changes to all records within a tile at once

Step 1.

From the "Records Collaborators" section, begin by choosing the collaborator you want to make changes to and click their name. In this example, we're going to manage Chandra's settings.

You'll see all of the tiles and permission settings that Chandra has.

There are three levels of permission to choose from. To learn more about permissions, click here.

Step 2.

To change ALL of Chandra's permissions for records in Legal documents to "Editor" (giving her the ability to add, delete and modify), Jesse just needs to click the "Editor" button.

To change permissions for individual records

Step 1.

Open the tile/category of that record by clicking the little arrow next to the tile name. In this example, we're going to change records within Chandra's "Insurance Policies" tile.

Now we can see all the individual files and their settings within that record.

Step 2.

Now, for Jesse to change Chandra's permission settings for any of his insurance policies, he just needs to select the file and select the new setting. In this example, Jesse is changing Chandra's ability to edit his Critical Care Insurance and Health Care Insurance.

Finally, when you're finished making changes to record permission settings, be sure to click "Proceed".

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