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Introducing: Bulk Upload
Introducing: Bulk Upload

The fastest way to upload documents to records

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One of the most requested features from our clients is the ability to speed up the uploading of files and documents to SideDrawer and so we're excited to introduce our new Bulk Upload!

Bulk upload gives you two options to upload multiple documents to a SideDrawer;

  1. You can upload many different, unrelated files at one time and then create a record for each by selecting the tile, choosing the record type and a name each

  2. Or you can create a record first and then upload files and documents to that record

This feature is guaranteed to save you time and make you more efficient when you create SideDrawers for your clients.

*This feature is not available to all clients. If you're interested in finding out how you can get access to this feature in the admin console for your business, send us an email here.

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