We're proud to say that this feature was designed and developed from feedback of our clients. They wanted a quick and easy way to create a standard template of records and documents that they could assign to a client's SideDrawer, without the hassle of doing it over and over again.

Some ideas for using templates are;

  • marketing materials

  • company bios

  • mission statements and company values

  • disclosure and onboarding forms

  • privacy policies

Step 1 - Click on Productivity and then Console

Step 2 - Click on Create a new Template, or you can edit an existing one by clicking on the 3 dots under Actions.

Step 3 - From the screen below, you can drag 'n drop a number of files that can then be destined for specific Tiles/Records, or you can just create placeholder Records to be used as guidance or for the future.

If you're going to take advantage of Info Requests and convert them into PDFs, we suggest creating a Record within a Template where the Info Request PDF would be sent.

Step 4 - You can then deliver a Template to an existing client now, or deliver a Template next time you create a SideDrawer.


It may be useful to have a number of Templates based on the client engagement type. For example, a Prospect may only require a simple set of documents, but a converted Client may require many more documents. You may want to send just the initial Template to a Prospect, and then follow up with a second Template after the Prospect has become a Client.

Please note: to use the template feature, you must have access to the Console. If you currently don't have access to the Console, click here to message the SideDrawer team.

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