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Creating Records, Record features & functions

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This article is for: All SideDrawer Users

Records are one of the fundamental building blocks of SideDrawer, functioning like a folder that can hold one or more files

Records can be used to organize files and to manage Collaborator permissions

To Create a Record:

  1. Select Records in the menu on the far left - this will display all the SideDrawer's Tiles, the high-level categories for your files

  2. Click on the Tile that you want to create a Record in -
    for this example, we're uploading a Health Card, so we're going to start with the Identity Documents Tile

3. Select Create a Record

4. Enter a Personalized Name - this will be the name of the Record

5. Enter a Record Type - this optional step will add a label to describe your Record beyond its name
For our Health Card, we could choose "Photo ID" as the Record Type

6. Select Save on the right side if you want to just create the Record for now, and add files later

7. You can start populating the Record right away - just Drag & Drop one or more files to the central square, and they will be uploaded to that Record

Selecting Drag & Drop will open a window where you can select one or more files to upload to your new Record:

Sorting Records:

Records will automatically sort by Newest First - if you want to change the display order, click on the arrows icon to the left of the Create a Record button, then select your sort preference from the drop-down menu:

Additional Fields:

  1. Files: The core function of Records is to store Files, and this is the tab that you will mostly use when creating and managing Records

  2. General Info:
    Sometimes it's helpful to add more description about a Record, in addition to just storing files
    The General Info tab lets you add more labels and descriptions to your Record, during creation or later on

    This can be useful when you want to provide instructions for Collaborators about what to put in a Record, or how to name and format files

    1. Label - this is a drop-down menu that lets you define the format for your Record's label
      You can select Text, Numeric, Date, Email Address, whatever is helpful for your files
      Click on the "+" on the left to add more labels

    2. Details - once you select a format, you'll enter information in the Details field to label your Record

    3. Where you store this file - for Records that relate to physical documents, you can note the location of the documents here
      For example, "downstairs safe" or "top desk drawer"
      This is especially useful for estate documents and other files that loved ones may need to locate

    4. Description - an additional field where you can note relevant details about the Record
      Useful for providing instructions to Collaborators about what to upload

    5. Additional Details (Date Prepared, Document Number, etc.) - fields where you can include more details, if relevant for that Record

  3. Collaborators:
    Records can also be used to manage Collaborator permissions
    You can invite Collaborators to access a Record instead of the whole SideDrawer, with Editor, Viewer, or No Details permissions

    1. Email Address: enter the email address of the Collaborator to invite

    2. Permission: Click on the icon and select from the drop-down whether the Collaborator should have Editor, Viewer, or No Details access
      (default selection is Editor)

    3. Full Name: Collaborator's first and last name

    4. Relationship: Optional field, enter a descriptor for the relationship (e.g. spouse, client, accountant, etc.)

  4. Reminders and Notifications:
    You can create Reminders that are linked to a specific Record
    This is useful if you want to remind a Collaborator to upload files to a Record, or to make sure that they look at the files that are there

Signature Requests:

Note that this option will only be visible to Admin/Console Users, and only if you have set up a DocuSign Integration

Use Signature Requests to invite a Collaborator to sign a document using the DocuSign integration

The Signature Requests field in the Record menu lets you quickly see whether any Signature Requests are currently active for any files in this Record

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