Introduction to Info Requests
Create a plan for your client and request all the files you need to get the job done
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This feature is guaranteed to save you time and increase your productivity!

Instead of sending your clients a list of the documents you need for certain financial plans, onboarding questionnaires, etc, you can streamline document collection with a secure form request that you created. Simply create a plan on the dashboard and choose the clients you want to send it to.

As your custom plan gets started and your clients upload documents, you'll be able to monitor their progress in real time with a completion bar so you know when to reach out with a friendly reminder. As always, notifications to you are automatically sent whenever your clients complete more of your plan.

Best of all, as documents are uploaded, the information automatically gets assigned to the correct record or you can create a new record right then and there.

For detailed instructions on Info Requests, refer to the following:

How to get started with an info request; naming, selecting the brand, selecting the type

How to get started building an info request with questions and file requests.

How your client will complete an Info request and how the process looks

How to send info requests– many Info Requests to one SideDrawer or one Info Request to many SideDrawers.

How to edit or delete an info request

SideDrawer has templated Info Requests you can use as a starting point to customize.

*This feature is not available to all clients. If you're interested in finding out how you can get access to Plans & File Requests from the admin console for your business, send us an email here.

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