Building out an Info Request
How to get started building an info request with questions and file requests.
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To start building the content of an Info Request, select the three dots on the far right-hand side of the info request you are looking to update and select “Manage Info Request Form”.

You will now be in a screen that offers the ability to populate the form. Each Question or File Request is considered an “Item”. This means that an Information Request is a series of “Items” (Questions or File Requests) layered in one at a time (in an order you determine). There are three types of Items you can create:

1. Content, Descriptions or Instructions:

a. These items are purely text that you can use to create instructions, offer explanations, or create sections (etc.)

b. This is useful to help guide your client through the Form

2. Information Fields:

These is where you can ask a question and look for the specific answers (ex. What is your name?). You can also determine what kind of answer type is returned (ex. An Address). The Informational field types include:

a. Short Text (under 255 characters)

b. Long Text (more than 255 characters)

c. Email Address

d. URL

e. Monetary Value

f. Percentage

g. Decimal or Integer

h. Drop down (you create all the drop-down options)

i. Single Option (client choose one of the options you have given them displayed on the screen)

j. Multi Option (client selects multiple items that pertains to the question that you have provided)

k. To Do (a toggle that can be turned on or off)

l. Table (rows of data that get filled out in which your client can add as many rows as needed)

m. Date

n. Address

o. Private Sensitive (Characters are hidden while the client types for add sec

3. Record, Document(s) & File(s) Request:

You can ask for a specific File from a client. When asking for the File you will determine where the new Record will be created (which Tile), and what the Record Type is. This is useful because it will create consistency in the storage location for that document across every client who answers the File Request in the Info Request

Each Item can be mandatory or optional. SideDrawer tracks the completion percentage of each Info Request. Mandatory Items count towards the completion percentage, while Optional Items do not.

Items can also be dragged up or down to re-organize their location.

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