Starting an Info request
How to get started with an info request; naming, selecting the brand, selecting the type.
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SideDrawer gives you the ability to help collect Information and Files from your clients in a simple and organized way. Info requests are the ability to create questionnaires that:

  • Give directions and explanations as to why you are looking for specific information

  • Collect Client specific data (ex. Name, Date of Birth, Address etc.)

  • Collect Files and Organize where they will be stored within the SideDrawer (helping create consistency)

How to get started:

1. Navigate to your Console

2. On the left-hand side navigate to Productivity -> Info Requests

3. Select β€˜Create New Info Request’

The First Details of an information Request:

Select Brand Code:

Unless you have multiple brands, the brand code will be the name of your company. Selecting a brand code is only used when certain companies have multiple advisors, each with different brands. For example, Remax agents. Remax, as a client might have their own brand, and individual agents might have separate brands for themselves and used for their specific clients.

Select which Brand will have access to this Information Request.

Select a SideDrawer Type:

Because creating an information request requires you to select tiles and records, information requests you create for a client have to match the same type of SideDrawer - business or individual - as the client's SideDrawer.

Info request Name:

This is the Name of the Information Request that your clients will see when it is sent to their SideDrawer. Choose a name that will make it easy for your client to understand what type of information you need. For example;

  • Yearly tax forms

  • New client onboarding information

Enter Descriptions:

Lastly, provide a short, simple description of what/why you need this information.

For example;

  • Please provide the following documents for me to prepare your 2021 tax return.

  • Help me understand more about you and your needs by providing the following documents

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