Completing an Info Request

Here you will see how to locate the info request and how to complete the request.

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A user will know they have a request to provide information in their SideDrawer when they receive an email notification saying "You've got an Information Request!"

The user will click on the link in the email which takes them to theSideDrawer URL and enter their login details.

When a User has an Info Request at the Summary Page, a new tab on the left-hand side will appear. This will open a menu that has all available info requests (either incomplete or complete).

Once in the tab the User can access the Info request by clicking on the Information request.

The User can start answering questions. They can save part way (and the completion percentage will be tracked).

Users can start submitting Files as needed.

Users can drag and drop (or open the File explorer) to drop in the required documents.

If the User has a Record (with required Files in the Record) in their SideDrawer already, they can simply link that Record instead.

Once all the fields and documents have been provided, the Info request will appear as complete.

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