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Introducing SideDrawer to your clients
Introducing SideDrawer to your clients

Getting your clients onboard is as easy as 1,2,3

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At SideDrawer, we want your clients to have a quick, easy onboarding to our platform. That's why we've come up with a simple, 3 step plan that will get your clients up and using SideDrawer in as little time as possible.

Step 1 - Introduction

We want to add value to your clients and be involved in building relationships. So we think it's important that you introduce us to your clients BEFORE you sponsor them with a license.

Your clients will appreciate the heads-up and understand why you've chosen SideDrawer as the main way you'll be sharing and storing their valuable information.

We recommend the below sample email, that's similar to this, but in words you feel comfortable using;

Hello <your client name >,

I am reaching out today to inform you of a very important partnership between <insert your organization’s name> and SideDrawer Inc.

SideDrawer Inc. is a technology company whose platform securely organizes and shares your sensitive private information with me, other trusted professionals or can be used to share important information with your family and close friends.

For me, this means that I can share with you, and receive from you, sensitive and confidential information in a secure manner without the use of email.

Over the coming days you will start receiving notifications from me <insert your (tenant owner) name> via SideDrawer Messenger <[email protected]>. You may want to make this a safe sender to avoid the notifications going into your junk folder. The notifications will instruct on how to access your SideDrawer and any information I have provided or requested of you.

Once you start receiving requests to collaborate on documents or are requested to complete Info Requests, you can refer to the Help Centre.

To learn more about SideDrawer Inc., you may visit


<your (tenant owner) name>

Step 2 - Support

It's important that your clients understand the next steps so they can get onboard quickly and easily. That's why we prepared a one page "Welcome to SideDrawer!" pdf for you to attach and send with the introduction email.

This "Welcome to SideDrawer!" pdf has been designed with three important goals:

  1. Inform - give your clients more information about SideDrawer so they can understand the value and why you're using us

  2. Reassure - build trust by providing links to our security documentation and privacy policies

  3. Guide - provide a clear plan for getting your clients onboard with next steps and a video tutorials

Your clients will have access to our newly launched Help Center with over 50 FAQs, video tutorials, and manuals available to them and links to our customer support help line and support email.

Step 3 - Invite

Now that you've prepared your clients for using SideDrawer, all you need to do is create a new SideDrawer for your client and choose to sponsor them. You can click here to see a more detailed step-by-step guide to creating a SideDrawer.

Your client will then receive an email notification from SideDrawer telling them that you've sponsored them with a premium license and a link for them to create an account.

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