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Navigating your SideDrawer
Everything a new SideDrawer user needs to know
Everything a new SideDrawer user needs to know

This handy guide has every step you need to get onboard SideDrawer and collaborating with your advisor

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Welcome to SideDrawer!

If you're reading this, chances are your financial advisor, agent, or other professional service provider, has sponsored you with a premium SideDrawer license. You'll be able to enjoy all the features that will make it easy for your sponsor to collaborate and share important financial and private documents with you, safely and securely.

What is SideDrawer?

SideDrawer is the most secure, online storage and collaboration tool for important life documents available today and was created to fill the need in the financial services market for a dedicated, secure, online document storage designed specifically for private financial and personal documents.

Yes, there are other online storage platforms...dropbox, google drive, etc...but none of them were designed and built from the ground up for this purpose.

Do you really trust email to share documents about

investments, insurance, wills, and estate plans?

Why should I trust SideDrawer?

This short document outlines the security features we've built into our system architecture and the design of the SideDrawer platform. Our no-attachment and no-file sharing link approach safeguards your important documents and reduces cyber risk.

How do I accept my sponsored invite?

When a professional service provider sponsors you they should have provided a quick introduction to SideDrawer and explain what the next steps are. In case they didn't, here's what you can expect;

  1. You'll receive an introductory email with an invitation to create your SideDrawer account and you'll automatically be sponsored with a Premium License, courtesy of your advisor.

  2. After you click the button you'll be taken to to enter in your email address, choose a new password, and create an account.


What is all this on my screen?

My SideDrawers- These SideDrawers belong to you and you own all the contents inside these SideDrawers. You can control who sees this information.

SideDrawers you have access to- These SideDrawers are all of your collaborators and you should see the name of the Financial Advisor, or Professional Service Provider who sponsored you, here

Tile (Categories)- Tiles act as filing cabinet drawers and are used to organize all your records quickly and easily.

Current active SideDrawer- This makes it easy for you, or your advisor, to see exactly which SideDrawer you're in. It might not be as helpful for you, but certain advisors have hundreds of clients!

Features- All our new features will be listed here for quick access.

Account Management- You'll be able to change personal information and access helpful resources in this section.

How do I know I have something new from my advisor?

Every time you, or someone else, makes changes to your SideDrawer three things will happen:

  1. You'll receive an email notification with an update about your SideDrawer

  2. An entry is made in your SideDrawer timeline

  3. The number of records in the tile will increase

How do I put something in my SideDrawer?

First, depending on the type of documents you're uploading to SideDrawer, choose where you want to create a record. If you're unsure where to put them, this article will show you all the tiles and suggested record types.

For example, for an insurance document you'd click the "Insurance Policies" tile and then click "Create a record"

Next, simply enter the type of record you're creating (or hover over the line for suggestions), choose a name for the record, upload the files, and click save.

To watch a video on how to create a record, click here.

What if I need more help?

No problem, we have a ton of resources to help you.

  • Chatbots- this easy to use tool will answer all your questions, share FAQs, how-to guides and instruction videos with you and let you speak with our support team.

  • Help Center- found in your account management section or through the chatbot, we've created a 1-stop shop for everything you need to know about SideDrawer.

  • Need additional help? Please email [email protected]

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