Step 1

To start, click on the “Create a new SideDrawer” box on the top right and enter in the correct information.

Step 2

You’ll need to choose what type of SideDrawer (personal or business) and who will own the SideDrawer. If you’re purchasing the SideDrawer for your client, select the bottom choice to sponsor someone.

Step 3

To sponsor a client, you’ll need to choose what subscription plan to sponsor them with.

Step 4

If you haven’t purchased licenses (or have none available), you’ll need to add licenses to that plan.

Step 5

Simply click the + button to add licenses and the new cost per month will be updated.

Step 6

Then just click “Confirm Change" and "Ok".

Step 7

Finally, click “Confirm Changes” and an email notification will be sent to your client informing them that you’ve sponsored them with a SideDrawer license and inviting them to create an account.

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