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What's the difference between owning a SideDrawer and sponsoring one for someone else?
What's the difference between owning a SideDrawer and sponsoring one for someone else?

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SideDrawer has tremendous flexibility on data ownership to accommodate a variety business and compliance decisions.

Ownership of a SideDrawer

Anyone can be made a SideDrawer owner at the time of SideDrawer creation, or a new Ownership role can be granted by an existing Owner.

When we discuss owning a SideDrawer it's important to understand if you're talking about the SideDrawer account (the license holder) or the actual, "physical" SideDrawer (with all the tiles, records, files and documents within). It's possible to own the license and not the "physical" SideDrawer.

When you sponsor someone, you’re purchasing a premium SideDrawer license and then creating a SideDrawer, and assigning it a license, for your client to use. It is at this point you decide to retain ownership or assign ownership to your client. Because you both have Premium licenses, you'll have access to all the great features and like being able to share important documents and files by uploading it to records created in their tiles (that's provided they don't change viewing permissions of course.)

When to be an Owner or an Editor

Sponsors decide to retain Ownership status of SideDrawers when they wish to retain more control over the information that is shared. All Owners have the ability to transfer ownership to another owner (the client), which is usually done at the time when the engagement or relationship comes to an end.

Ownership vs Editor

What can you do



Add other Owners



Add other Editors



Remove an Owner



Remove an Editor



For more information on how to create a SideDrawer account, retain or transfer ownership, please click here.

If at any time, you wish to regain a license to a SideDrawer you’ve given someone to use, you can remove the license to their SideDrawer and add it back to your account. That user will be converted to a free account, and they’ll have the option to upgrade to a premium license.

For more information on how to remove or revoke a SideDrawer license, click here.

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