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How to remove/revoke a license from a client
How to remove/revoke a license from a client

With a few quick steps you can revoke a license and reuse it for another client

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When you create a SideDrawer for someone you're given the option to create it for yourself or to sponsor for someone else. In both cases, you own the license for the SideDrawer.

Sponsoring a SideDrawer for someone else means that you've created the SideDrawer with all the tiles, and any associated records and documents, for someone and you're giving it to them to use. For your client to claim that SideDrawer as theirs, they'll simply need to create an account. To learn more about what sponsoring a client means, click here.

Should you wish to discontinue sponsoring someone, you can revoke the license at any time. The client will still OWN the SideDrawer and all of its' contents. They'll be notified that they need to purchase a premium license if they wish to have all the features they had before. Otherwise, they'll be changed to a free, starter account.

To remove (revoke) a license follow these steps.

Step 1

Open your SideDrawer and click "My Account" in the lower left hand side of the page

Step 2

Click "Manage Subscriptions"

You'll see what subscriptions you've purchased, how many are assigned, and how many are free for you to use for sponsoring.

Step 3

Click the little down arrow to manage the subscription you want.

Step 4

Click "Assign Licenses to existing SideDrawers". Please note that the "Add or Remove Licenses" button is referring to purchasing licenses and not adding or removing licenses to clients.

Step 5

You can now choose which license you'd like to remove by clicking on the name. In the example below, we're removing the license from Max Hare.

You'll notice that the number of assigned licenses has now decreased by 1 and Max Hare has been added to "Other SideDrawers". This is because Max Hare still has ownership of their SideDrawer. We've removed the license and not deleted the SideDrawer.

Step 6

Simply click the "Confirm Changes" button.

A pop up button will notify you when you've finished.

The number of available and assigned SideDrawers in your subscription will be changed to reflect removing the license.

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