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Using DocuSign within SideDrawer
Using DocuSign within SideDrawer

Initiating and configuring DocuSign envelopes and obtaining signatures

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With SideDrawer's DocuSign integration, documents can be initiated for signature from within any Record. Completed envelopes along with their Certificate of Completion can be found within the Record from which the signature request was initiated.


  • Only Admin users will have the ability to initiate a DocuSign signature request.

  • Initiating and tracking DocuSign signatures is currently unavailable in the mobile app.

Step 1. Initiating a DocuSign envelope

  • Go to to the action section of any file within a Record.

  • Click the signature icon which will initiate the envelope.

Step 2. Adding Signatories and the message

In the next screen, you will have the opportunity to select existing Collaborators to add new signatories with their email addresses, and type a message that will be included in the body of the DocuSign email notification.

Adding Signatories

In the line described in item 1, a drop down will show all Collaborators who could be added as signatories. Select any existing Collaborator or type in another email address, and press "Add."

You can also add other signatories in the next step from within the DocuSign app. A person doesn't have to be a collaborator on the record to add them as a new signatories.

Adding a Message

In the line described in item 2, you can type a message that will automatically be included in the body of the DocuSign notification email.

You can also modify the message in the next step from within the DocuSign app.

Once you've selected the Collaborators and typed a notification message, press the Configure and Send Envelope button.

Step 3. Configuring the envelope

You will see a new browser tab open with the familiar DocuSign envelope allowing you to drag 'n drop the signature/other placeholders onto the document.

Please ensure you have disabled pop-up prevention on your browser.

You must now follow the same familiar DocuSign process to complete the envelope.

NOTE: Once in DocuSign, you can't add any additional attachments (files, pages) to the file you initiated from SideDrawer. As the SideDrawer record doesn't have the additional pages, completing this in DocuSign will cause errors.

Once you complete the steps within the DocuSign app, you can press the Send button.

The envelope will now follow the steps as per the DocuSign signature process.

Step 4. Locating the completed envelopes

When an envelope is created or sent, it will show the history within the Signature Requests section at the bottom of the Record.

The completed document will appear in the File History immediately after completion and will include the addition: "(Executed via DocuSign)" to the end of the filename, along with the time stamp of when it was uploaded.

Although you can't initiate or track a signature within the mobile app, the executed copy will appear in the record.

Step 5. Locating the Certificate of Completion

From the Signature Request section, clicking on the completed envelope will open the following screen.

Here you can see the entire envelope - the executed file, as well as the Summary ("Certificate of Completion.") Similar to other files within SideDrawer, clicking on the "eye" icon will open the file within the platform.

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