Connecting your DocuSign account

How to set up and use DocuSign within SideDrawer

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NOTE: We currently support only ONE DocuSign integration per tenant.
The system may allow you to add an additional account, however, this will cause an error when trying to use the accounts.

Only Tenant Managers and Owners can manage the DocuSign integrations.

Step 1. Navigating to the integration settings.

From the Console, go to the Developers\Signature Integrations.

Step 2. Adding DocuSign.

Click on Sync New on the right.

From the Integration Type dropdown menu, select DocuSign

The dialogue box will change and require the following inputs:

Name your Integration: Give your DocuSign connection a name - such as "Internal DocuSign" or "Corporate DocuSign". The purpose of this is to differentiate between multiple DocuSign accounts that may be integrated into the platform in the future.

Account Holder Email Address: this is the email address used for the DocuSign account you wish to connect.

Click Confirm. The dialog box will close and you'll see your new DocuSign account in the list.

Step 3. Configuring the integration.

Under Actions, click the 3 dots on the same row as your newly added integration and select Configure this Integration.

A new tab will open on your browser taking you to DocuSign. You will need to login with the email address and password associated with the DocuSign account you wish to connect. (Please ensure you have don't have pop-up blocker enabled on your browser.)

Congratulations, your DocuSign integration is now connected!

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