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Navigating your SideDrawer
Getting Started - Client view
Getting Started - Client view

As a client here is everything you need to know about using SideDrawer

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Overview and meanings of SideDrawer terms

This will take 1 minute.

Understanding the basic components of a SideDrawer

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LOGGING into SideDrawer

Using the invitation in your email.

When a Professional Service Provider invites you to SideDrawer, you'll receive an email with an invitation. Click the button in the email to log into SideDrawer.

Use the email address to which the invitation was sent.

When registering/logging into SideDrawer it is important to use the same email address as to the one your Professional Service Provider sent the invitation,

Sign in the same way each time as the way you register.

You have the option to enter your email or log in with social media. Always choose the same method as the one used for your first log in.

Bookmark the URL

After logging into SideDrawer through your invitation link, be sure to bookmark the URL.

WHAT will your Professional Service Provider need from you?

Copy of documents

Depending upon the service and engagement with your Professional Service Provider, you may be requested to provide copies of statements, policies, tax forms, etc.

Completion of forms

Your Professional Service Provider may require you to complete consent forms, onboarding forms, personal information forms.

HOW will your Professional Service Provider request files or info?

Simple File Request

Learn how to upload a document when you receive a Simple File Request.

This will take 1 minute.

Info Request

Here you will see how to locate the Info Request and how to complete the request.

This will take 3.5 minutes.

File Upload

Here is how to create your own record and upload a file.

This will take 4 minutes.

TRACKING your PSP's requests


You will receive an email notification from <Your PSP’s name> via SideDrawer Messenger [email protected].

Signing into the bookmarked URL

As soon as you log into SideDrawer, the Summary page will indicate if you have information to complete or the recent activity in you SideDrawer.

TRACKING your PSP's actions


Your PSP’s name via SideDrawer Messenger [email protected]


SideDrawer provides a history of all actions that have taken place within a SideDrawer. To access the timeline select the Timeline tab from the Home Screen.

MUTING Timeline notifications

You can manage email notifications by turning them off and on.

Stop all timeline notifications. You will still receive invitations.

This will take 1 minute.

SHARING your documents with others (adding Collaborators)

Decide what kind of access others will need to your documents.

View the permissions matrix here

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Adding or removing others to your SideDrawer or your files.

Managing collaborators

This will take 2 minutes.

DOWNLOADING your documents

Download all the files in your SideDrawer all at once

By selecting the download icon in the summary screen, you can download all your files. See how.

This will take 1 minute.

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