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New Features & Updates! (August 3, 2022)
New Features & Updates! (August 3, 2022)

Updates to both our Front End Application and Console

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We have launched new and exciting improvements to the Platform!

For Professional Admin Users using Console

NEW: Adding Collaborators During the SideDrawer Creation Flow

Many of our Professionals have requirements to add Collaborators to a SideDrawer after it has been created. This could be a Client, or any other internal or external users (Individuals or Teams).

We have included the ability to add Collaborators (either Individuals or Teams) during the SideDrawer creation flow making your onboarding process even more efficient. Click here to see more.

NEW: Transferring Ownership in Console

SideDrawer has made the transfer ownership process even easier by making it accessible in Console. Click here to see more.

For All Users using the Front End Application

NEW: The Simplified Record View

Many of our Users have expressed interest in minimizing the record section to only see the relevant 'populated' fields. The simplified view makes it easier for a user to find information.

SideDrawer has implemented an update to allow for 2 different screens "View" and "Edit". Only see the pertinent fields when in "View" mode, and when you need to add to the Record select "Edit" to see all available fields. Click here to see more.

NEW: Simple File Requests Updates

The adoption of the SideDrawer Simple File Request has been tremendous. We are working on upgrading the workflow item every week. Now, you can:

  • Send a Simple File Request Immediately with a Custom Message (and Reminder if needed)

  • All Simple File Requests are presented in the Info Request section, making it easy for Clients to find and complete the requests right away!


Help and Support Videos Embedded in the App for Professionals

Help and Support videos in the app is the quickest way to get what you need. SideDrawer will now provide these useful tips in a video player right through the application. This is available through the Help and Support Button. Keep an eye out this week to see videos make there way in the App (and feel free to suggest any other videos you would like to see)!

Help and Support Videos Embedded in the App for your Clients

Let us help your Clients complete the most common actions in the platform. SideDrawer will be launching support videos for the most common actions embedded right in the platform. Click Help and Support to see the video player launch!

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