Add Collaborators during the creation of SideDrawer

Add SideDrawer level Collaborators (Individuals or Teams) when creating a SideDrawer(s) to make your process even more streamlined

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When creating a SideDrawer, we understand that there are many requirements that necessitate adding one or many collaborators to the SideDrawer right away. By following the stepper in the SideDrawer creation flow, you can simply add SideDrawer level Collaborators (Individuals or Teams) in the creation process.

Step 1: Create the SideDrawer

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Create the SideDrawer by adding the SideDrawer Name and Owner (the Owner could be the End Client or a Business user of the Business is retaining ownership).

Step 2: Add Collaborators

After creating the SideDrawer follow the stepper to get to Sequence 2 - the ability to add Collaborators.

Adding an Individual:

Select the SideDrawer you would like to add the individual collaborator to from the drop down list (this will be SideDrawers that you just created in the creation flow)

Add the Individual Users email address (in which they will be invited to collaborate) and select the SideDrawer level permission type you would like to assign to them.

Select Add Collaborator(s) & Next and you are done

Adding a Team

  • As per previous steps, select the SideDrawer from the dropdown list.

  • Change the option in Collaboration type from Individual Collaborator to Team Collaborator

  • Add the Team’s desired SideDrawer permission to give the appropriate access.

CSV Upload

The above SideDrawer permissioning can also be done via a CSV Upload. This is very helpful if you have created many SideDrawers at once, or have a larger list of collaborators to add.

Select the 'Download a Collaboration CSV Template' to get access to the preferred template to complete a CSV Upload. The CSV will look like the below:

  • Column A is the SideDrawer name - please note the SideDrawer must be part of the list of SideDrawers you just created or you will get an error

  • Column B is the type of collaboration

    • "individual" - for a single email address

    • 'team' - for a team you have in your Tenant

    • The spelling must match or you will get an error

  • Column C - this is either the email of an individual user (if Column B is "individual") or the Team Name (if Column B is "team")

    • Note if spelling is incorrect you will get an error

  • Column D - this is the type of permission you will be providing the User / Team at a SideDrawer level

    • sd_editor - this is Editor Access of the SideDrawer

    • sd_viewer - this is Viewer Access of the SideDrawer

    • sd_info - this is No Detail Access of the SideDrawer

    • Please make sure you spell the permissions correctly

Upload the Template to quickly manage Collaborators. If there is an Error in any of the Rows, the Row will not be added as part of the template

In the above CSV Rows 4 and 5 had incorrect information. Row four had a team that does not exist in the Tenant and Row 5 had a SideDrawer that was not created in ths creation flow. Once the CSV was uploaded, Rows 4 and 5 were omitted (as per expected behavior).

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