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Change the font, logo and colour of your SideDrawer

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To manage your Branding through the Admin Console, complete the following:

By selecting the Actions Icon (...) next to the Affiliate you wish to update the branding, the Admin User can choose from the following menu.

· Look & Feel: Updating Logos, Font and Colour(s)

· UX Configuration: Update the User Experience

· Edit Brand Name: Change the name of the Affiliate

· Edit vCard: Change the vCard on the SideDrawer

To Update your Branding (logo, font and colour), complete the following Steps:

1. Navigate to Console (bottom left hand side).

2. From the left-hand menu, select Settings.

3. Click on Affiliates.

4. Click on the Actions button with the three dots (...) on the far right side, next to the Affiliate you want to update branding for.

5. Select Manage Look & Feel to update the following:


6. Main Logo

The Main Logo is what will appear at the Login screen and at the top left-hand corner of the application (excluding when inside a Record)

7. Brand Logo

The Brand Logo is what will appear when in a record on the top left-hand corner of the application

8. Reverse Logo

9. Brand Reverse Logo

Used for the Mobile app during the login flow (coloured screen) and when the app is in ‘Dark Mode’ (as set per the User’s device)


10. Email banner

The banner that is displayed on any email communications that comes through the SideDrawer platform.

Preferred the image is 500 (width) X 100 (height) pixels for the best results.

11.Primary Colour

The colour used at the login screens, button images in emails, image colours (example images on Tiles and other icons), and clickable links or buttons throughout the application.

12.Secondary Colour

Font colour through the application including bolded titles, descriptions, and iconography throughout the left- and right-hand menus


The font used throughout the platform and platform generated emails

14. After uploading your Brand Assets, select Save at the bottom right corner of the

screen (Note the different branding choices).

To edit your profile photo and social media links, see this article.

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