Adding or editing a vCard

Add your contact information within the SideDrawer platform

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A vCard (Virtual Contact File) is an electronic business card which allows your clients to quick and easy access to the Firm's or Professional's contact information.

The vCard will appear in the app when your client logs into their SideDrawer.

Creating a vCard

  1. From the console,, navigate to Settings > Affiliates

  2. Select the Actions button next to the Affiliate you want to update branding for

  3. Select "Edit vCard"

  4. Select "Update vCard details" entering Primary name, Title, Company and upload a photo as your profile picture. Ensure that the photo is the same pixel height and width for optimal results. Select Confirm.

  5. Select "Add contact link"

  6. Create vCard Link Types by selecting from a drop-down (telephone, address, URL, etc)

    Label: A default label (description or call to action) will be presented that you can edit

    Link: When the SideDrawer selects the applicable icon within the vCard, this is what the SideDrawer User will be linked to (ex. A Phone Number, Email Address or URL).

    Select Save for each link type created.

NOTE: all links are clickable and will take the User to the appropriate location

Example 1: a User in the Mobile app clicks ‘Phone’, this will launch the phone application to allow the User to place a phone call

Example 2: a User on a desktop selects ‘Email’, this will launch their preferred email provider to send an email

Example 3: a User selects ‘Book a Meeting’, this will launch the book a meeting URL in the Users preferred browser allowing them to book a meeting

o Profile Photo: Photo displayed as part of the vCard (ensure that the photo is the same pixel height and width for optimal results)

Editing a Contact Link

Admin Users can change the order by clicking (and holding) the ‘three-line’ icon to the right of the Contact Link and dragging it up or down to change its order. ‘Top to Bottom’ in vCard screen equates to ‘Left to Right’ in the vCard display in the Front-End application.

Admin Users can either edit or delete a contact link by selecting the ‘action’ button (three dots) associated with the Contact Link. This will display a menu with the option to ‘Edit the Contact Link’ or ‘Delete the Contact Link’.

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