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With teams you can increase productivity by sharing permissions

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Many of our Professional Service Providers have a support team to help manage their clientele including administrative assistants, clerks, managers and coordinators. By setting up a Team through the SideDrawer Dashboard, Professional Service Providers will be able to have multiple members of their staff share in the workload.

How it works is simple

Any permissions (editor, viewer, or no access) that are set for any specific member of a team are shared amongst all team members.

For example,

Martha is a Financial Planner and her Administrative Assistant, John, is helping manage her portfolio of clients on SideDrawer. All of Martha's clients have SideDrawers and she has been given editor permission for each. That means Martha has full access to all of her client's SideDrawers and can add or remove documents, create records and add collaborators.

When Martha sets up a team and brings John in, John will automatically be given the editor permission for all of Martha's clients' SideDrawers!

AND, if John creates a SideDrawer for a client on Martha's behalf, Martha will automatically be given the same permission settings John has.

All team members share the same level of access for their clients.

To find out more about setting up teams, click here.

To find out more information about the Admin Console, click here.

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