Collaborators are Users who have access to SideDrawer. Access can be extended to trusted advisors and family in two different ways: sharing the entire SideDrawer, or individual Records within a SideDrawer (allowing for different collaboration requirements).

Permissions include:

Editor: The User has full access to a Record and the contents within. The Record and its contents can be added, edited and deleted. An Editor can invite other collaborators and can see the list of other collaborators.

Viewer: The User can read the Record and its content only. This User doesn’t have the ability to create or change Record details or contents nor can they invite other collaborators. A Viewer will not see details of other collaborators.

No Detail: The User can see a Record Exists but cannot access it and has no other permissions to edit or delete contents, nor invite collaborators.


When you sponsor a client, by default, you have full permission to their SideDrawer and your permission will be set to editor.

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