Every time you or a collaborator uses your SideDrawer two things occur;

  1. An email notification is sent to you

  2. A digital log of every transaction is kept.

Timeline is a security feature that keeps a log of everything that happens to your SideDrawer. You'll be able to see, at a glance, any changes and have complete transparency over all the information you're sharing with your collaborators.

The Timeline can be found on the left side of your SideDrawer.

Opening up the timeline shows you a log of every change and you'll see the following information:

*what action took place

*who did it

*where (The name of the record the action took place)

*who's SideDrawer is it

*when did this happen

In the example above, we can confirm the timeline log by going to the record and you can see the corresponding changes:

*what action took place

-the file added (Auto Insurance Policy copy)

-the network added (Chandra Botin)

-the record updated (Jesse Auto Insurance)

*who did it (Uploaded by: Chandra Botin)

*where (Jesse Auto Insurance)

*who's SideDrawer is it (Jesse)

*when (January 15, 2021)

To learn more about the email notification that's sent, please click here.

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