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Understanding email notifications
Understanding email notifications

Email notifications provide information on changes to your SideDrawer

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When an action takes place in your SideDrawer, the Timeline feature will add an entry in the log with the following information:

  • What action took place

  • Who did it

  • What record the action took place in

  • Who's SideDrawer

  • When did it occur

In addition, an email message is sent to the SideDrawer owner. In the case below, Jesse received an email from SideDrawer Messenger on behalf of Chandra Botin informing him of changes to his SideDrawer.

As you can see, the same information that is in the Timeline is sent in the email. In this case, the information is:

  • What action took place (a record was added, network added, file added)

  • Who did it (Chandra Botin)

  • What record the action took place in (Jesse Auto Insurance)

  • Who's SideDrawer (Jesse; the name of Jesse's SideDrawer)

  • When did it occur (as noted in the pic above, Friday January 15)

And to save time there's a link included in the message so Jesse can access his SideDrawer account with 1 quick click.

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