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SideDrawer is for everyone!

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Anyone that wants to start off on the right foot when getting ALL their important files consolidated, organized, and safely secured should have SideDrawer.

Individuals & Families:

Every document you have, from student loans and driver’s licenses all the way to investments, insurance, property or a will, needs to be properly organized and kept safe to solve your life planning goals.

If you have a family, it’s a great idea to create your kids’ SideDrawers too! You don’t need to create a separate account for them just yet. Start them off right with a separate SideDrawer and when they’re old enough, simply transfer ownership of that SideDrawer to their account. That way you can start saving important information in an organized and secure location.

Professional Service Advisors:

SideDrawer is a secure, branded platform designed to improve efficiency through unique workflows, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.

SideDrawer's collaboration platform allows clients, their family members, and their other professionals to collaborate with you in a completely secure environment.

SideDrawer's unique guided organizational structure and workflows provide scalability not possible through any other document management platform.


SideDrawer has a flexible API-based solution with multiple integration opportunities for your unique infrastructure.

Client document collection is done through email, which is increasingly becoming a critical cybersecurity threat. With SideDrawer you can eliminate email attachments and file sharing links which significantly reduces enterprise risk.

SideDrawer offers 100% activity tracking on display and through logs to easily meet compliance and operational requirements, granular user-based access control and permission settings takes away any guesswork for compliance and future proof your enterprise for the ever-increasing data privacy requirements.

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