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New Release (November 2023)- Notifications
New Release (November 2023)- Notifications

We made improvements to SideDrawer notifications!

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Based on client feedback, we made significant enhancements to our Notifications functionality to provide users more transparency over the activity across their SideDrawers.

If you are a SideDrawer collaborator and your account is set to receive notifications (the default setting) and a SideDrawer has been configured to send activity notifications (the default setting), these changes will impact you.

With our enhancement, Notifications will now be sent per SideDrawer, which will allow Advisors to see shorter activity summaries on a per SideDrawer basis. This is how these changes look:




First activity in a SideDrawer

Triggers an immediate notification for that SideDrawer

Triggers an immediate notification for that SideDrawer

Subsequent activity in any SideDrawer

Groups all activities across all SideDrawers in the same notification

Groups all activities from a SideDrawer in its own notification

If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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