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New SideDrawer Experience
New SideDrawer Experience
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This is another major update to our platform foundation, which will allow us to incorporate new enhancements and user feedback more seamlessly going forward.

Beginning June, users will be encouraged to try the new experience and share their feedback. There will be an option to switch to the previous SideDrawer experience for a couple of weeks. By July, the new experience will become permanent and the previous experience will no longer be available.

In addition, we will continue to roll out new enhancements to features and functionality over the course of time. We may announce new features and functionality on occasion as required.

June release

Users will see a new layout of the client-facing (non-Console) application which will introduce the following features:


  • New - interface completely responsive on mobile devices to accommodates various screen sizes. The interface is more streamlined reducing clutter and making certain information more relevant for the user.

  • Enhanced - Summary Page - we have cleaned up the Summary section and made it more streamlined for the end user

  • Enhanced - Professional's vCard.

  • New - search bar at the top that allows searching for SideDrawers, Records, Collaborators, Info Requests and Files.

  • New - Shortcuts button that allows users to quickly go to relevant sections of the application (💡we welcome any feedback on what else you would like to see here). We will be adding a number of Console-related functionality here for admin users to streamline the professional's workflows.

  • New - Upload Files button allows users to drag 'n drop multiple files to be uploaded at once into a new Record.

  • New - Reminders menu button - we are giving our Notifications & Reminders functionality a more prominent role and will be introducing other new functionality and workflows incorporating this feature

  • New - Consolidated SideDrawer menu button - the 3 dots ( ⠇) next to the SideDrawer name consolidates a range of functionality and makes it more efficient to manage/navigate.

  • Enhanced - SideDrawer list and search capability is more streamlined

  • Enhanced - SideDrawer "bread crumbs" - these are trails of where the user has navigated to in any particular screen. Users will be able to click on any part of the bread crumb to navigate.

  • Enhanced - Console Users listing - ability to see all Collaborators across the entire Tenant

    New features are shown in red boxes below

    Enhanced features are shown in green boxes below


Future Updates

We will continue to have updates throughout June and July with new features and functionality to continue to enhance the user experience and improve your productivity.

We will post relevant updates as these features are introduced.

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