Sending a Blast Delivery

Blast Delivery is a process to allow an upload and delivery of multiple documents to multiple SideDrawers, within their respective Tiles.

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The documents being shared are NOT unique, such as an individual’s account statement.

The following are examples of Blast Delivery contents:

· Newsletters

· Policies

· General updates

NOTE: No file or package delivery will be saved. This is a one-time mail out.

Step 0: Items you need to have prior to beginning the Blast Delivery

In order to get started you need to have the following:

· All SideDrawers created that you wish to deliver to

· All the documents you wish to deliver

Step 1: Navigate to the Blast Delivery Tab in Console

Within Console’s Productivity menu, select Batch Delivery.

Step 2: Create the details for the Blast Delivery

· Select the brand code (affiliate) you wish to deliver to and the SideDrawer type.

· Within your selected SideDrawer type, a list of available SideDrawers will appear. Select the SideDrawers you wish to deliver to.

o Note: If you are having difficulty viewing the SideDrawers due to the window size, please use your web browser’s zoom out function.

· Drag and drop the files you wish to deliver.

· Beneath the document upload box, select the Tile and Record Type and enter the Record Name you wish to create.

· To deliver to various Tiles, select ‘Add a Record to Deliver’ and repeat step 2.

Step 3: Deliver (COMPLETE)

· On your screen you will see the delivery progress. Please do not close the window and cancel until delivery has been completed.

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