Updating UX Experience

Configure your UX to create the best experience for your clients

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The SideDrawer Platform gives you the ability to create a User Experience that is best for your clients.

  1. Log into the admin console, console.sidedrawer.com, and navigate to Settings > Affiliates.

  2. Select the Actions button next to the Affiliate you want to update the UX experience for

  3. Select "Manage Client UX"

Manage your Branding Set Up

Select, by clicking the options, for each of the below

Skip Sponsor Editor Assignment

Skip adding the Tenant Owner as a Default Editor of the SideDrawer

Bypass SD vs Force SD

If you select Bypass SD, when a client/end user registers they will not be asked to create a Free SideDrawer, separate than the one you have created for your client.

This is most commonly selected by professionals.

If you select Force SideDrawer, when a client/end user registers they will be forced to create a Free SideDrawer.

If you leave both unselected, the client/end user will have the option to create a Free SideDrawer.

Exclusive Brand Record Types

Only allow the Record Types created in the Tenant to be available as default options when your clients/end users are creating a Record.

Manage the application sections

Choose which areas of the Account Management Section will be available for your client/end users.


Tell a Friend


Help and Support

Chat Bubble

Team Members

Manage Subscriptions

Payment Details

Hide Summary - new

Hide Requests - new

Simplify Record View - new

Manage your Identity Providers

You can select what Social Logins are available for your clients/end Users when they ar creating their accounts.

Enable Social Login Buttons

Google / Gmail

Apple Id


Salesforce (Sandbox)

Salesforce Communities


4. After your selections have been made select "Save".

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