Quickly Update your Branding in a few steps!

Step 1: Navigate to the Look and Feel Section

Navigate to Settings -> Affiliates then click the action button to access the Look & Feel section.

Step 2: Manage the Materials

  1. Main Logo: This will change the Logo at the Login Page, and the Logo throughout the screens in the App

  2. Secondary Logo: This will change the Logo on the Screen when a User is in a Record

  3. Reverse Logos: This will be the Logo used for any screens with a coloured background

  4. Email Banner: This is the banner that is sent for any outbound email communicated through the platform (please use a 500 by 100 pixel image for best results)

  5. Colouring:

    1. Primary: This is the Primary colour of the platform which impacts the Tile colouring and the colouring of the Login Page

    2. Secondary: This impacts the colouring of key words in the platform (most Platform Managers prefer to stay with black as preferable colouring)

  6. Font: This impacts the font used throughout the Platform

All updates are reflected in the Preview Screen. When finished hit the "Save" button on the bottom right of the page

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