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Receiving a Simple File Request
Receiving a Simple File Request
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You may be asked to upload a File via the Simple File Request.

Receiving a Simple File Request:

Within your email, you will receive a request to upload a File.

The details will contain:

  • The associated SideDrawer

  • The Record Name where the File will be uploaded

  • A message from the requester with details of the request

  • A link to the SideDrawer associated with the Simple File Request

Note: if you have not registered, you will have received an invitation to register for SideDrawer before receiving this message.

Step 1

Click the link in the email. This will take you to the page to upload the File.

Within the record (in this example, Luke's Driver 's License) upload the document as per usual. For details on how to upload a document click below.

Note: If there is a Reminder, you will see it within the Record as well. If you have uploaded your document, you can delete the Reminder by selecting the garbage can icon.

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