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Fall'23 Creating a New SideDrawer Type and Adding Tiles
Fall'23 Creating a New SideDrawer Type and Adding Tiles
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To Create a New SideDrawer and Add Tiles, complete the following Steps:

1. Navigate to Console (bottom left hand side).

2. From the left-hand menu, select Settings.

3. Click on SideDrawer Tiles.

4. Select Create a Custom SD Type to begin.

5. Select the Brand that you are looking to create this new SideDrawer Type for.

6. Create a new SideDrawer Type Name, the internal name of the SideDrawer Type.

7. After selecting Confirm, you will be asked to Create your first Tile.

Create the remaining Tiles. Once you have completed creating a

SideDrawer Type with the first Tile, you can continue to add to it.

8. Select Create your first Custom Tile (bottom of the screen).

Repeat steps above for each new tile.

a. Choose an Image that will be displayed on the Tile from your machine.

b. Enter Numeric Value displaying the order of each Tile.

c. Name Displayed on the Tile.

d. Choose a default Image from the repository (search for it) for the Tile.

e. Choose an Image uploaded into your Asset Library in SideDrawer for the Tile.

SideDrawer Tip - Order ID:

Use multiples of 10s on the Numeric Value indicating the order of each tile (ex. 10, 20, 30, ...,100 etc.), if you need to add a Tile later in between.


  • You can create Tiles later.

  • You can create as many Tiles as required (too many may cause confusion).

  • You cannot delete Tiles – if so, contact SideDrawer Support ( for help.

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