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Creating a New SideDrawer Type and Adding Tiles
Creating a New SideDrawer Type and Adding Tiles
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  1. Navigate in Console,, to Settings > SideDrawer Tiles

  2. In top right hand of page you will see “SideDrawer Type” – click that to get started

  3. Select Brand that you are looking to create this new SideDrawer Type for

  4. Create the SideDrawer Type Name, the internal name of the SideDrawer Type (ex. the default SideDrawer Name Types are Individual and Business)

  5. After selecting Confirm you will be asked to Create your first Tile

SideDrawer Tip

Order Id:

Recommended to use multiples of 10s (ex. 10, 20, 30, …..., 100 etc.). This way if you need to add a Tile later you can easily fit it in between others (ex. 15).

6. Create the remaining Tiles. Now that you have completed creating the new SideDrawer Type with the first Tile, you can continue to add to it

7. Select Tile (top right corner of the screen). Repeat steps above for each new tile.

Things to know:

o You can create Tiles later

o You can create as many Tiles as needed (but too many can cause confusion so be pragmatic)

o You cannot delete Tiles – you will have to reach out to SideDrawer support ( for help

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