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SideDrawer Terminology and Basics
SideDrawer Terminology and Basics

High level overview and meanings of SideDrawer.

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What is SideDrawer

SideDrawer is a life planning and organization tool designed to help you organize all important. documents and information in a virtual filing cabinet.

You can have access to (either owning or collaborating) on many different SideDrawers. These can be used to manage your own documents or materials, as well as have access to documents or materials others share with you.

SideDrawer Structure:

Level 1: A SideDrawer

The SideDrawer is the highest level of organizational category. It is the unit everything is organized in. Usually assigned to a Person, Family or Business to organize content.

Level 2: A Tile

Each SideDrawer offers a series of Tiles that you can use to organize materials. These Tiles are high level categories (ex. Identity documents or Legal Documents) to help navigate and find the right place for content.

Level 3: A Record

Within a Tile, Users create Records to start uploading documents or materials. Records hold the most detail of what is being stored (ex. In the Identity Document Tile Users may create a Record called Driver’s License to store the image and expiry date of their Driver’s License).

Records also hold additional information including:

o Reference to physical location of items

o Descriptions of content

o Links to other Records for quick reference

o And more

SideDrawer Types

Each SideDrawer has a specific “Type” that dictates the organizational structure of the SideDrawer. The type indicates the Tiles that will be available for the User to access when navigating through the SideDrawer. SideDrawer offers two default types, Individual and Business, which have Tiles that suit the needs of the assigned type.


Collaborators are Users who have access to a SideDrawer. This can be extended to the entire SideDrawer, or individual Records in a SideDrawer (allowing for different collaboration requirements).

Permissions include:

o Editor: The User can Read and Write

o Viewer: The User can Read only

o No Detail: The User can see a Record Exists but cannot access it


SideDrawer keeps a historical log of all activity within each SideDrawer. This ensures you can monitor changes within the SideDrawer.

Content Packages

Deliver Records to a SideDrawer that could also include documents or files. This can be a great productivity tool that should be integrated into your business.

Info Requests

Build and distribute questionnaires to clients to collect information and files that can be used repeatedly. These questionnaires are the quickest way to collect the documents you need. Info Requests can be completed in the Web app or Mobile app.

Mobile or Web

All functions of a SideDrawer can be done on our Web app or Mobile app making it suited to any users needs.

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