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Creating multiple SideDrawers at once
Creating multiple SideDrawers at once

How to use templates and create multiple SideDrawers at once

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To Create multiple SideDrawers at once complete the following Steps:

  1. Navigate to Console (bottom left hand side).

2. From the left-hand menu, select Accounts.

3. Click on Clients and Users.

4. Select Create a new SideDrawer.

5. Using the drop down menu, select the SideDrawer Type (Business or Individual).

If you are just getting started, select Individual.

(Click here for more info on SideDrawer Types).

6. Enter the SideDrawer Name (i.e., the Last Name and First Name).

7. Enter the Owner’s email at the same time the SideDrawer is created, or click on the User Icon in the middle and the system will auto-populate your own email address.

Anyone can be made a SideDrawer owner at this time.

You can either own it yourself, or enter the Client's email and send it to them immediately.

8. Enter the Owner's first and last name.

9. Here you can add as many additional SideDrawers as required by clicking on the Icon next to the "Owner's Last Name".

10. Select Create SideDrawers.

11. At the end, select Finish & Close.

There is also is a function where you can upload a CSV template by adding Metadata during the creating process to improve and speed up workflow.

Details are auto-populated to create SideDrawers faster and to deliver

Content Packages and Info Requests all in one.

1. Click on Download a SideDrawer CSV Template to open the file.

2. Below is an example of a Template. There are four rows that outline the details for the fields you require to complete the "Create a new SideDrawer" section.

For example, the SideDrawer Name, Owner's Email, Owner's Name and Owner's Last Name. !!(Delete Metadata fields?)!!

3. To populate all of your client's details, select the four rows and save it.

4. By uploading the CSV TEMPLATE all the details from file it will auto-populate all the details from file into the screen you've created.

!!(Insert Instructions and Excel Sheet as below)!!

5. You can Create the SideDrawers, deliver Content packages and deliver Info requests.

6. Finish to onboard multiple clients faster.


See article "Create your clients SideDrawer but own it first", click here.

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