If a User has Forward Invitation on their account (in the Team), whenever they receive an invitation to Collaborate with a SideDrawer (see here for types of Collaboration) the collaboration invite is forwarded and applied to the Team.

Ex. Sally Advisor and Johnny Admin

· Sally has built a team for herself and her admin Johnny.

· Sally wants to ensure that whenever Johnny is given access to a SideDrawer, she is also added.

· However, if Sally is added to a SideDrawer she does not want Johnny to always have the same access by default


· Create a Team for Johnny and Sally

· Johnny to have Forward Invitation on his account in the Team (automatically forward his collaboration invites to Sally)

· Sally is not to have Forward Invitation on her account in the Team (do not automatically forward her collaboration invites to Johnny)

How to apply Forward invitation

1. Navigate to the Team in console and select the action button (three dots), then select View Members

2. Select the action button (three dots) on the User you are looking to apply Forward Invitation on and select manage Team Member Settings

3. Select the Team you would like to have forward invitation applied to

NOTE: you can only Forward Invitation of a User to a single Team. One User cannot have Forward Invitation on multiple Teams

4. Complete.

To Remove Forward Invitation, follow the same steps and select delete Forward Invitation instead.

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