Adding an admin user

How to add an admin user giving them access to the Console

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The hierarchy and roles are as follows:



Tenant Owner

Tenant Owner has master control over the Tenant. They own the credit card information for payment and cannot be removed as an adminsitrative user of the program. Tenant Owner can see all the information in the Enviroment (including all affiliates). Tenant Managers can force collaboration into any SideDrawer in the Tenant.

Tenant Manager

Tenant Manager has the same access as a Tenant Owner - meaning full access to all affiliates (SideDrawers and Workflow content) and can force their way into any SideDrawer. Tenant Managers do not hold payment information and can have access revoked if needed.

Brand Manager

Brand Managers (or Affiliates) are administrative users assigned to an affiliate. They only see materials and SideDrawers assigned to their affiliate in the Tenant, and are therefore a more limited role.

To add an Admin User, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Accounts

  2. Select Admin Users

  3. Select Invite Admin Users

  4. Enter the user's email full name and select a role, either Tenant Manager or Brand Manager

  5. Select Confirm

If you do not have other affiliates in your set up, every new Admin user should be a Tenant Manager.

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