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How to add an admin user giving them access to the Console

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You may have other colleagues who need to have administrative access. As the owner, you can extend administrative access to other users.

Understanding the roles and the hierarchy:

Tenant Manager: Tenant Managers have access to the entire content of the Console, including the ability to see all SideDrawers related to different affiliates. SideDrawer gives you the ability to create Affiliates (or subsections) that do not see each other’s content (ex. If I have a practice with multiple Financial Advisors - I can create separate subsections so my advisors do not see each other’s content (creating segregation for each advisor. If this is of interest, please reach out to the SideDrawer Team for help setting this up)

Brand Manager: This is to assign a User to their Affiliate or Subsection, so they can only see content in their related Affiliate.

Steps to complete:

1. Create a SideDrawer for the User (which they need to own) and wait for the User to register their account (how to create a SideDrawer).

2. Once they have registered you will see them in their email in the Clients & Users Section. Select the action button and select “Assign Management Role”.

3. You will have two options, Tenant Manager and Brand Manager. If you do not have other affiliates in your set up, every new Admin user should be a Tenant Manager

Assign the correct permission and apply. You have now given access to the User.

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