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How you and your clients manage collaboration access

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You may need to add others to a SideDrawer. SideDrawer makes collaboration very easy to manage and update.

There are three kinds of Permissions:

Editor: which gives a User read/write permission

Viewer: which gives a User read only permission

No Detail: the User will know Records they have access to exist, but will not be able to see the content (ex. Will: I want my family to know where my Will is, but not see the content of it)

Once all these fields have been set simple hit “Complete” to save the new permissions:

Only owners and editors of a SideDrawer can manage collaboration of a SideDrawer.

1. To get started Navigate to the Collaborators Screen of the SideDrawer you are looking to manage.

Here you can see all the collaborators of a SideDrawer. These can be Individual People or Teams (click here to learn about Teams)

  1. Select:

Then navigate in to see what access that user has. You can modify their permissions as required. By selecting the trashcan, you can remove someone entirely as a collaborator

2. Next select Add a New Collaborator to add a new Collaborator to the SideDrawer:

3. You will need to add the details of the person you are looking to add as a Collaborator. Two fields are mandatory:

· Email: their email

· Relationship: The relationship they have with the SideDrawer

4. Next you select the permissions for the User. You can give the User access to the SideDrawer (selecting a permission in SideDrawer Roles(s)) or at a Record Level (selecting Permissions) at each Record. Record level allows a User to have access to only part of the SideDrawer which they need.

5. Once all these fields have been set simple hit “Complete” to save the new permissions.

Everyone who has access to Timeline will be able to see a new Collaborator was made available (for more on Timeline click here)

NOTE: If the Collaborator has not used SideDrawer before, they will be asked to create a SideDrawer account. The new Collaborator is sent a message saying they have been added to a SideDrawer.

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