Structure of a SideDrawer

Understanding the basic components of a SideDrawer

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SideDrawer is built to be a digital representation of a “Filing Cabinet”. Below is a walkthrough of that structure:

Level 1: The SideDrawer (similar to the Filing Cabinet Drawer):

  • This is the SideDrawer that is issued to a Person, Family or Business (some entity that requires organization)

  • You can find all SideDrawers you have access to on the right-hand menu

  • You can see the SideDrawer you are currently accessing by the name on the top left-hand side of the page

Level 2: SideDrawer Tiles (related to the Green Hangers within a Filing Cabinet Drawer)

  • These “Tiles” relate to the high-level categories in which information is being stored

  • This helps you quick sort Items so all documents and information is easily found.

Example: in an Individual SideDrawer you would store information related to a Driver’s License within the Identity Document Tile

Level 3: SideDrawer Record (like a Manila Folder within a Green Hanger):

Records (like Manila Folders) will hold a series of Files (.pdf, .jpeg etc.)

However, Records allow you to store more than just files and documents (ex. Expiry dates, descriptions of content, mentioned to storage of physical assets etc.).

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