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Navigating between front end and console
Navigating between front end and console

Explaining the difference between both screens a professional needs to navigate

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As a Professional (and administrative) user, you have two main screens to complete all of your work. These include the “FRONT END APP” and “ADMINISTRATIVE CONSOLE”.

Front End App:

This is where you and your client will interact with SideDrawers.

  • In each SideDrawer you see client Records and Files, Manage Collaborators, View the Historical Timeline and Respond to Information Requests etc.

  • SideDrawers can be accessed (from a collaborative perspective) by many users. Similarly, a User can have access to many SideDrawers.

  • Depending on the access you have been given to a SideDrawer, you will have an appropriate view of that SideDrawer

  • Sometimes you may only see part of the SideDrawer if you have only been given access to specific pieces of the SideDrawer (see here for discussion on collaboration).


This is the “Back Office” you have access to control your SideDrawer environment (or Tenant)

Here you can:

  • Manage all of your client SideDrawers (create / delete etc.)

  • Build Workflows

  • Manage Subscriptions

  • Manage Branding

  • and more

Only select Users have access to this environment, those who have been given administrative access.

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