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How to request an eSignature with a digital seal
How to request an eSignature with a digital seal
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Our digital seal is provided by GlobalSign, the most authoritative source for digital authenticity. Read more about this integration here.

When adding a document that requires a seal, the first step is to upload a file.

Upon upload, you'll notice a default menu dropdown that says Read, Fill or Sign.

Click on the dropdown, and select "Signature(s) Only".

Selecting that dropdown ensures that when a Signature is added, the seal will be added after the signature.

Currently, we can only apply the seal after 1 signature only.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

How does the signature seal look?

Every seal issued on SideDrawer will have an extra page added to the end of the document with the following seal. For Enterprise clients, the logo can be configured as well as the content that is displayed within the stamp.

How does the digital certificate look?

Upon opening the document in Adobe on your desktop, you will see the following banner appear for any digitally sealed document.

Upon clicking on Signature Panel, you will see a further side-menu which provides details of the signatory and other relevant information.

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