SideDrawer's digital signature includes a seal that provides a certificate of authority to the signed document.

SideDrawer has selected GlobalSign to be the Certificate Authority solution provider for our digital signature functionality. GlobalSign is the leading CA provider, and is the technology partner for the popular DocuSign digital signature solution. Click here to learn more about their digital signature solution.

This article explains how to request the signature on the SideDrawer platform.

Why SideDrawer's signature process is more secure

Most traditional signature solutions allow any user with access to the signature link to complete the signature, and legally bind the contract, which creates an opportunity for fraud if the recipient's email was compromised. Typically there is no further authentication required other than accessing the link.

Through SideDrawer's platform, only authenticated users who have entered the platform, and have been granted permission to the Record containing the document, can access the document for signature. Our system automatically recognizes the user and links the user's identity to the log-in session, which is then used to seal the document upon signature.

How does the signature seal look?

Every seal issued on SideDrawer will have an extra page added to the end of the document with the following seal. For Enterprise clients, the logo can be configured as well as the content that is displayed within the stamp.

How does the digital certificate look?

Upon opening the document in Adobe on your desktop, you will see the following banner appear for any digitally sealed document.

Upon clicking on Signature Panel, you will see a further side-menu which provides details of the signatory and other relevant information.

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About GlobalSign:

GlobalSign is a publicly trusted Certificate Authority (CA) that supports regions and languages on nearly every continent. The cloud service from GlobalSign takes care of all the cryptographic components securing your signature behind the scenes – so although there’s no change to your signing workflow, the end result is a super identity powered signature and all the benefits that come with it. To learn more about GlobalSign, please visit their website.

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