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New Features & Updates! (November 25, 2021)
New Features & Updates! (November 25, 2021)
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This week's releases are geared towards improving your productivity, enhancing your workflow and streamlining the experience.

eSignature with a certificate

We have incorporated GlobalSign's Certificate of Authority which means each signed document will have a signature seal of record. GlobalSign is the world's leading provider, and issues the digital seals used in DocuSign documents.

We have introduced this functionality with a single signature requirement, ie only one individual needs to sign. Multiple signatures or sequencing are not yet supported.

We believe our eSignature is far more secure as it can only be done within our platform after a user has logged in, unlike other platforms where anyone can initiate the signing of important documents via a link access, which can increase fraud if the email becomes compromised.

Create a PDF from Info Requests

We love how Info Requests are being used for so many different parts of your workflows. We introduced the ability to convert the Info Request into a PDF so it can referred to at a future date by you and your client! By the click of a button, you can send the Info Request PDF to any existing Record.

Hide your SideDrawer list for demoing purposes

We love that you want to show SideDrawer to your clients, but we heard that you wanted to hide your other clients' panel on the right side. Totally made sense - some we introduced a 'collapse' button that can hide your entire list of SideDrawers so you can screen-share with confidence! Click here for the help article.

Other Improvements:

  • Console - streamlining the new SideDrawer creation by pre-selecting the subscription and your custom SideDrawer Type.

  • Console - Admin users will only show up under the Admin screen now vs being mixed with Clients.

  • Drag 'n Drop - when uploading files, the entire screen will become a receiving area so there is less chance of error for the user.

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