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New Features & Updates! (November 11, 2021)
New Features & Updates! (November 11, 2021)
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This update's focus is around improving the client experience!

With increased usage of our Info Requests for securely collecting data and documents, and more Collaborators being added, we wanted to further enhance the client experience with two major updates!

New Summary screen

We have introduced a new Summary screen, which is denoted by a "๐Ÿ " icon. This is a great new 'jump-off' page, making it easier for users to navigate through their SideDrawer. On this new page (image below) there are now 4 sections:

  • Info Requests - a summary of all outstanding Info Requests, their progress and ability to jump right into them for completion.

  • Manage Collaborators - list of suggested Collaborators that could be added.

  • Recent Activity - a short excerpt of the Timeline so clients can see what recent activity took place from one screen.

  • Records & Files - list of suggested items that could be added. Where the system finds one exists already from our default Tile structures, it will show a check-mark.

Flinks for faster data and document gathering

We press released today that we have partnered with Flinks to accelerate your client's discovery, onboarding and ongoing maintenance. Through the integration, clients can log into their personal and business bank accounts to retrieve account balances from any North American financial institution, and account statements from any Canadian institution. We will launch this as an add-on offering starting in Q1/2022, and based on preliminary feedback, we expect this to shave hours off your client engagement. From a user's perspective, how amazing to be able to centralize all those statements into one place!

Other Updates for Console (Professional) users:

  • Auto-select SideDrawer Type to reduce click-throughs when working in the Console

  • Determine Collaborator experience by skipping the SideDrawer creation option

  • Invite Admins and see outstanding invites from the Console view

  • Invite multiple users through a single workflow

Coming next: a more personalized experience!

We know branding, mind-share, and access are very important to your business. We will be launching a new section on the SideDrawer main page that will allow your clients and invited collaborators to always have a method through which to reach you!


Have you been using our Fillable PDF functionality? One of our Advisors just showed off how they've further streamlined the personal expense discovery process through a really cool Fillable PDF that calculates as they go!

Other Updates

Events: We are sponsoring a few events coming up, hopefully you can join us here:

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