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How to complete filling in an Info Request
How to complete filling in an Info Request
Received an Info Request? This handy guide will show you how to complete it.
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An Info Request is an exciting, new feature that allows advisors and professional service providers to ask you, their clients, for specific documents and files they need to complete their work.

When you receive an info request it will appear on the left side of your SideDrawer under Timeline.

Here you'll see a list of info requests you have to complete, a small progress bar showing the completion percentage of a current request and information on when and who last modified an info request.

For this demonstration we're going to complete the "New client onboarding" request.

Each info request is made up of three parts:

  • A short description

  • Requests for information

  • Requests for documents

Once you've clicked and opened it you'll see a short description of the plan and perhaps a small note from your advisor explaining why they need this information from you.

Requests for information come in the form of various questions that require a specific type of answer like an address, date of birth, email address, numerical or text. Clicking on the response area will show you the type of information requested.

Finally, requests for documents are shown by the name of the tile and record type with a small area to upload or drag and drop the requested document.

For more details about what records you need to upload, scroll your cursor over the small, grey "?" circle.

Sometimes you'll receive an info request that asks you to include information you've already uploaded into your SideDrawer. In this case, clicking on the line will show you all your current records. Simply select the correct one that your advisor needs and it will be included in the info request.

When you click Update, you'll see that the questions you answered are checked off and the progress bar is updated


Your advisor will also be notified and they can check on your progress and reach out if you need help.

When you finish answering all the questions and adding all the records your advisor requested, you'll see that the progress bar shows you've completed it.

And on the page showing all your info requests, it will also show as complete as well.

For more information about creating info requests through the admin console, click here.

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