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How to upload forms and fillable PDFs
How to upload forms and fillable PDFs

Now you can edit files and documents and share with collaborators right within SideDrawer

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Step 1

To begin, you can upload any document to an existing record or create a new record, as shown below, by entering the record type and name and then uploading your file.

After you choose which file to upload you'll be presented with 2 choices.

  • For fillable PDFs and forms, select the "Read, Fill or Sign" option and click upload.

  • For signatures only, choose the second option and click upload.

Step 2

Now that you've uploaded the file, you can begin to fill out the form with any information. To begin, click and choose the document.

Step 3

When we uploaded this file we chose the "read, fill or sign" option and the functionality is changed to reflect those abilities.

Some of the abilities include:

  • zooming in and out

  • undo and redo

  • highlighting

  • adding comments

  • adding attachments

  • adding text in different colours

  • adding freehand text

  • entering boxes, arrows, circles and various shapes

  • adding labels or signatures

Scrolling pages and entering information is incredibly easy.

And adding a signature is super easy too.

When you're finished, simply click "Save new version"

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